Joshua Ortega

Occult detective


Mr. Ortega has been in the bond of DPD for the last fifteen years. He has somewhere to live, something to drive, and something to pay the rent from. Magickal advancement was never secondary to him, but evoking spirits, and Order politics will not necessarely get him a month’s earn. Unfortunately, being a Hermetic initiate has it’s own duties, and being a Quesitori makes one’s life even harder. You probably know him for his work as the city’s occult detective among the Traditions, an old fashioned cop, who has the magickal ability to sense Technocratic influence, Nephandic taint or any other nastiness from a hundred mile, and is eager consequence the shit out of any suspicious elements.

The detective looks like… well, a detective.. from a film noire of the twentieth century. Trenchcoat, fedora and a five bucks suit are all part of the set. Beside that, He is an avarage looking guy in his late 30s, almost every time covered in cheap cigarette smoke.


Joshua Ortega

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