Detroit has become a sorrowful shithole in the last couple of years. There’s no sense in denying it. Tons of websites are floating around in the ether trying to provide an explanation to all this, but someone not entirely new to the World of Darkness can easily find out there’s something more….

There’s always something more. Secret societies, cults and other shady organizations fled the city leaving a big ass hole in power waiting for anyone to fill it. General Motors is not like it was. Industrial era enthusiasm to build a world upon automobile infrastructure and internal combustion engines has long been dead, leaving the city a mere husk of it’s former self.

People into more mystical phylosophies know that things don’t really die. As in the alchemical process of putrification, the subject has to submerge in shit to be transmuted to gold. So, here’s the question; who’s going to pull this once promising metropolis back from the depths of muck and reveal it’s renewed, golden nature?

Transcendental Chaos

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